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Bayalin Swimwear has a NO WARRANTY policy. Once tags are removed from the merchandise, we are not responsible for any damage that may occur. Bayalin Swimwear is delicate and will display normal “wear and tear” over time. In the unlikely event the merchandise has faulty manufacturing within a 14 day period, you may return it within that period of 14 days to be repaired. We will not fix colour fading, burring/pulling, lack of elasticity, fabric deterioration or colour running. If you follow the care instructions you will not have these problems.


⁃ After going in salt or chlorine water, hand wash your swimwear in cold water.
⁃ Avoid using washing machine.
⁃ Hang to dry in a shade (not in the sun).
⁃ Store your swimwear flat, as folding may cause creases.
⁃ If creases are formed, iron your swimwear carefully inside out.